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TheClubWeb.com is the newest niteclub affiliate of Clubhouse2000.

We have evolved every year since the latter part of 1995 when ClubsLI.com was launched as the very first website designed to promote the nightclubs on the internet. The Polo Grounds, Flying Point, and the Beach Bar were among the first Clubs and Bars to be promoted over the internet.  People at that time were just learning about the computer much less the internet. We started with placing small video clips online but found the dial up connections could not handle it as well as we hoped so we started adding still pics to the website to attract our viewers which worked much better. Soon we had thousands of pics posted plus fliers and other cool stuff.

Clubhouse2000.com was established in 1999 to bring club promotions to a whole new level. Both websites still exist to this day, only we have been expanding and evolving the concepts to fit the times and the rapid growth of the internet.

As founders of the Internet Club Promotion Concept, we have watched as others have tried to find their niche in our concept and we take pride in that so many people think this was such a good idea so much so that they want to put their own spin to it. As time goes on, people will eventually see more of the concept that was dreamed up in 1995 and realize there is a much bigger picture than what they see now. We are developing it everyday and The Long Island Web, The Long Island Club Scene, and The Club Web are just three more pieces of a much larger puzzle or the Dream. We would like to invite you along for the ride and we hope to remain one of your favorites for a long time to come.

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